Protects the container from the beginning of the transit to the final destination.

Containers are exposed to various risks during transit, just like the cargo inside them. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure their protection.

The total loss or damage of the container will be the responsibility of the cargo owner. Therefore, JAH INSURANCE BROKERS offers you comprehensive insurance that covers the container against damages and/or total losses.


Total loss for damages originated by the following events:

  • Loading and unloading operations.
  • VMM. (Vandalism and Malicious Mischief), (Include acts by Guerrilla and Terrorism).
  • Riot, mutiny, civil commotion or civil commotion and strike.
  • Fire and/or lightning, explosion or action to extinguish fire originated by such causes.
  • Acts of God such as earthquakes, landslides, floods and the like.
  • Total loss due to damage of the container by accident of the transporting vehicle.
  • Gross average.
  • Total loss by theft with violence.


  • Protects empty containers used as packaging for cargo transportation.
  • Coverage extends while the container is in the yard waiting to be returned to the origin.
  • With the policy, you may avoid paying a guarantee to the container rental service provider.
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